Top 5 Ice Cream Spots In Tampa Bay

Recently, I took to Facebook to ask Tampa residents what their favorite Ice Cream shop was around the Tampa Bay area and I received back some delicious answers! 

Here are the Top 5 spots, based on over 100 votes! 

#5 - Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream

Snobachi, located in Ybor City features the hot new trend, rolled ice cream, which they call 'Snorolls.'

They look just like this!


As you can see, you can get them served straight up, or get them with a variety of different toppings!

They've also got another hot new trend, which is the liquid nitrogen! This basically is a snack that has you looking like a dragon, by breathing out smoke. They serve them up as 'Dragon Ballz' or 'Dragon Breath' and it makes complete sense as to why they call them that!


It's safe to say that all the unique things that Snobachi has to offer has Tampa residents and even tourists coming back for more!

Now, moving on!

#4 - The Candy Kitchen

This adorable nostalgic candy and ice cream shop will have you feeling like you stepped back in time.

Their ice cream is old-fashioned and pretty basic. However, it's exceptionally delicious!

You can even get a chocolate covered frozen banana.... THAT IS STUFFED WITH PEANUT BUTTER!

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#3 - Andy's Igloo In Winter Haven

Although I personally have never been here, when asking for people's favorite ice cream spots, this place received a LOT of votes!

Like Candy Kitchen, this place also seems to come across as very old-fashioned. 

It's actually a Drive-In Restaurant! So you can get breakfast or dinner and then enjoy some delicious ice cream!

After taking a look at their ice cream, I can clearly see why people love it! I mean, YUM!


#2 - Bo's Ice Cream

If you've never been to Bo's, you haven't fully experienced Tampa Bay! This is delicious Tampa staple and like their sign reads, they've been around since 1954.


Their ice cream is simple, traditional and down-right delicious!!!

You can of course get your ice cream dipped in toppings like cherry, chocolate or even butterscotch!

Their shakes are also absolutely scrumptious!! Get down to Bo's ASAP. They're located on North Florida Ave in Tampa!

Now, it's time to reveal the #1 Ice Cream Spot in Tampa Bay!!!!

You voted, and we completely agree!! If you've ever been here, you will absolutely understand why this place received so much positive feedback.

Are your ready?

Coming in at NUMBER ONE is......


Now, The Revolution Ice Cream Company, also known as 'The Rev,' is deliciously unique!

You can get anything from Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream to Chocolate Habanero.

They are ALWAYS coming out with new, unique and seasonal flavors! There is never a dull moment at The Rev! 

Get a cone with one flavors, or get a cone with 3 different flavors!


Aside from the very wide variety of flavors, my favorite thing about this place is the sampler packs that you can get, which allow you to try multiple flavors, one scoop at a time!


This makes the pressure of trying to make a decision of just ONE flavor MUCH easier.

Because, let's be honest, it's nearly impossible to just pick one flavor!

This place is NO JOKE. I highly recommend taking a trip to The Rev!

What's your favorite ice cream spot?


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