Gubernatorial Candidate Phillip Levine Talks Guns, Immigration and Trump

"Florida is the last line of defense against Donald Trump." - that's what Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phillip Levine opened with in his interview with PM Tampa Bay. Here are some of his stances on other important issues:

Levine thinks we should repeal Florida's Stand Your Ground law, but was unable to articulate how Floridians would be able to defend themselves once the law was repealed. He also stated an example of how the "stand your ground" law is problematic, although that example was the Clearwater case where a manslaughter charge has been brought against the shooter. 


Levine also called for ban on assault style weapons and would like to see better background checks when purchasing a firearm. He says he would have signed the gun safety law following the Parkland shooting, and would've liked to seen the law go even further. 

Levine pushed back when asked about the study showing that Miami Beach flood prevention water pumps were spewing human waste into Biscayne Bay. He said that the science in that study was wrong, and reminded listeners that he was the first to install any type of filters in 100 years. 

In response to immigration, he says he wants to provide a pathway to citizenship to the almost 12 million undocumented immigrants that are productive members of society and have not committed any crimes. 



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