VIDEO WARNING: Driver Fired After This Sarasota Road-Rage

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) - A Sarasota man says an angry driver was threatening to kill him, so he pulled out his cellphone to record it.

Jay Boggs says he was driving on Fruitville Road in Sarasota Monday afternoon.

"I noticed the guy next to me had rolled down his window, and had pulled himself out of the window, shacking stuff. I rolled down my window. He was screaming, 'Do you want to f-ing die today? I'm going to f-ing kill you,'" explains Boggs.

He says as he continued down the road he saw the driver again.

“Then I ended up behind him and I pulled out my phone. I thought if this guy gets out of his car I want to be able to document it. Then he did. He proceeded to get out of the car and spit on my windshield,” says Bogg.

He says in that moment he wasn’t sure what to think.

Boggs put the video on Facebook, hoping someone knew who the driver was. The post was shared more than 200 times.

News Channel 8 has confirmed the man was fired from his job because of the video.

Boggs says while he knows this is not criminal, he did file a police report, so it is documented if the man ever crosses the line with another driver.

Click here to watch the video  from News Channel 8



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