Manslaughter charges filed in Pinellas "stand your ground" case

The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's office has filed manslaughter charges against Michael Drejka, the man who shot and killed another man outside a Clearwater convenience store July 19th.

Drejka shot and killed Markeis McGlockton during a confrontation over a parking space.  McGlockton shoved Drejka, who pulled out a gun and shot McGlockton.

At the time, Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said he couldn't arrest Drejka because there was a claim of self defense under the state's Stand Your Ground law.  Gualtieri said it would be up to the State Attorney to decide if charges were warranted.

Gualtieri says State Attorney Bernie McCabe has now made a decision to charge Drejka with manslaughter.  

Gualtieri issued a statement:  "I support the State Attorney's decision and will have no further comment as the case continues to work its way through the criminal justice system."

(Photo courtesy of the Pinellas Sheriff's Office)


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