Exclusive Interview with GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Putnam


  • Believes Floridians deserve a Governor that knows and understands Florida. The Governor "needs to know the difference between Hamilton and Hillsborough counties". 
  • Putnam says he supports Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. He thinks it's good for Florida and protects individuals and families. 
  • Putnam says he would have vetoed the bill that was signed into effect following the Parkland school shooting. His biggest issue was the provision raising the age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21. 
  • In response to the Tampa Bay Times report about his office's issues with national background checks for concealed carry permits, Putnam says the report was not entirely accurate. He says that national background checks did occur within three different data bases, contrary to the original Tampa Bay Times report. 291 people received permits that shouldn't have within Putnam's department, but he says there are more procedures in place now to ensure it won't happen again, and the employee directly responsible for the mistake has been fired. 
  • As far as immigration, Putnam says he wants to follow the President's plan and that would make it "easier for people doing it the right way to do it", and harder for people to enter into this country illegally. DACA recipients should be granted citizenship, criminal illegal aliens should be deported on the Federal Governments tab, and others who entered illegally should not receive amnesty. 
  • Algae bloom and red tide have created a "perfect storm"of an issue. More infrastructure is needed to improve water quality and quantity. Even though the State and Federal Government are supposed to split fees 50/50, so far the state has spent much more and will likely need to pay for additional costs upfront. 
  • Adam Putnam has received backlash for an attack ad on DeSantis' national sales tax proposal. In the interview he explains why he thinks this tax is a bad idea for Florida but doesn't address the misleading nature of the ad.  
Putnam Open to Tweaks in Stand Your Ground Law - Thumbnail Image

Putnam Open to Tweaks in Stand Your Ground Law