Dozens Of Dead Crabs Found In Hillsborough Bay

Tampa, Fla.(970 WFLA)- There may be signs that red tide is creeping toward Tampa Bay.  Dozens of dead crabs were found Sunday in Hillsborough Bay near Bay to Bay Boulevard.  

The water will have to be tested to see if red tide is the cause, but one scientist is doubtful. 

 Experts tell the Tampa Bay Times the deaths could be blamed on nearby industries or disease.

The Fish and Wildlife Health Group at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's  Fish and Wildlife Research Institute  in St. Petersburg, has established a toll-free, statewide, fish kill hotline. 

The hotline allows the public to report directly to researchers the locations of fish kills and diseased or abnormal fish. 

Callers should leave a brief message about the event they are reporting, a mailing address, and a telephone number so Fish and Wildlife Health staff can call back if they need more information is needed.

Fish Kill Hotline 1-800-636-0511

Click here to learn more on how to report a fish kill

Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commision


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