Could Clearwater Shooter's Violent Past Affect Decision to Charge?


  • The shooter in the Clearwater Stand Your Ground case, Michael Drejka, has a violent past. The Tampa Bay Times published a report of multiple reported instances of road rage when Drejka pulled out a weapon. 
  • This can be used to prove motive, lack of mistake or accident, and can be used as similar fact evidence. This could be powerful testimony in trial, the roadblock is that they would have to track down all of the involved witnesses to testify.
  • Tampa mother, Shakayla Denson, is in jail after dragging her 4 year old daughter into the Hillsborough River and leaving her to die. 
  • Denson's attorney is arguing that the death was an accidental drowning, but the Judge agreed with prosecutors and ruled that she would be a threat to society if she were to be let out on bond. For more details, click here. 
  • A Judge has allowed the attorney of the passenger involved in the Bayshore Blvd. racing case more time to review evidence and prepare for trial. 


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