Florida Red Tide Kills Animals and Makes Beachgoers Sick

The Red Tide has swept through South Florida, killing thousands of marine animals as it moves North.

Now, the Red Tide is hitting Manatee County. Beachgoers saw dozens of fish washed up on the shore and in the ocean this past weekend. This is all in addition to the thousands of dead animals that have been found up and down the Gulf Coast since the start of this phenomenon. 

Not only has this red tide been detrimental to sea life, but it is also making Floridians sick- Spectrum Bay News 9 Reporter Lauren Verno told us she is under the weather after spending this much time around the algae as she covers this issue. 


A lingering question for many in this area- will we see this dangerous red tide in Pinellas County? Unfortunately, it's still too hard to tell. 

Although every year we see some levels of red tide, this year has been unlike any other. Algae and runoff from Lake Okeechobee, as well as lasting effects of Hurricane Irma, could both play a roll in the sudden increase this year.

Red tide is easy to spot- it has a orange-tint and it also has a distinct odor. If you see or smell red tide, or spot dead animals nearby on the shore, you, your children and your pets should stay away to avoid health concerns. 

For all of your other unanswered questions about red tide, click here. 



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