Tampa Trump Rally Recap

Last night, 970 WFLA was live and on scene at the Tampa Trump Rally inside the Florida State Fairgrounds, where Trump discussed everything from NFL to GDP growth. Check out some photos from inside the rally!

While we were inside the event, we quickly realized that while CNN was doing their live shots, the crowd was gathering around to chant things like 'CNN SUCKS!' 

A man can be seen here booing Jim Acosta during his stand up, while giving him a big thumbs down.

Aside from downing CNN, we didn't encounter too many protestors. 

Instead, we were surrounded by supporters, such as this guy who showed up in full on American Flag!

Were you one of the nearly 10,000 people inside the Expo Hall for the Trump Rally?

See yourself in any of the photos?

We spoke to people such as Retired USF Poli Sci Professor, Dr. Susan MacManus and RNC National Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany! Listen to their perspectives HERE!


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