Crowd Destroys Jim Acosta at Tampa Trump Rally

It's no secret that Trump has a certain disdain for the "fake news media", but at a recent rally right here in Tampa, it seemed Trump's supporters had more hatred for certain members of the press than he does. 

CNN's Jim Acosta got the worst of it last night- a crowd surrounded him as he attempted to go live with coverage before and after the rally began. People yelled things like "Tell the truth!" "Stop fake news", and "CNN sucks".


In a tweet, he states that he is "worried that the hostility....will result in somebody getting hurt". Do you think that these people are right for holding what our President calls the 'fake news media' accountable? Or should they have been more respectful of the press at this event? Tweet us @970WFLA with your thoughts, or call into PM Tampa Bay at 1-800-969-9352! 


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