Group Steals Shark from Aquarium by Disguising it as a Baby

A group of three in San Antonio, TX tried to create their own Shark Week at home, by stealing a shark from their local aquarium.

A surveillance video shows their plan- one man grabbed the shark by the tail while the other two individuals wrapped the animal in a wet blanket, then transferred it into a bucket of bleach. From there, they moved the shark to a baby stroller, in an attempt to disguise it as an infant.  

The animal was a horn shark, and authorities believe that the bleach solution shocked the animal's system, which would explain why it didn't struggle much during its capture. 

An aquarium employee saw the situation unfolding and notified authorities. Police have one person of interest in custody, and are conducting an investigation. No charges have been filed, but the individuals involved could face felony theft charges, as well as federal charges if the shark dies. 

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