It's An Armadillo Invasion

Armadillo at night

On The Swamp, Fla.-(7/29/2018)-My hound dog has been going wild lately. She's been sniffing something back in the swamp. I've also noticed some holes in the yard.

We finally found out what it was the other night.  We spotted something moving back by the bushes. Turns out it was an armadillo. I remember them as a pain in the butt when I lived in Texas.  Now, I've got to deal with them here. Pardon the photo shot in the dark.

I did some research and the armadillos naturally carry Leprosy. You can catch the disease from an armadillo, but the probabilities are not real high. But, you could!

How do you get rid of the pests?  I could use my 12 gauge, but that is frowned upon here. Florida wants you to humanely trap the armadillos and then release them at another site. In other words...inflict your troubles on someone else.

You can hire a professional trapper to remove armadillos, but that would cost a fortune. I think the state should remove them for free. It was the state that made up the stupid rule.

Where's that M-79 grenade launcher when you need one?

Photo by Tattoo Lady

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