Pinellas Sheriff Speaks Out For First Time Since Shooting


  • This case is still an ongoing investigation, it is still active, and authorities will send all findings to the state attorneys office when they have concluded. 
  • The preliminary determination not to arrest was based on facts and the current stand your ground law, but the case is not over and no decisions are finalized. 
  • More information has been uncovered since the video was released, and witness statements and interviews will contribute to the final decision following the investigation. Sheriff Gualtieri says there is still a long way to go in this case.


  • The hardest part for law enforcement with Hurricane Irma, or any large storm,  is deciding when to make the evacuation call.
  • Sheriff Gualtieri says they learn something new after every hurricane, and after Irma they learned that they need to make it easier for people to get in and out of the county. 


  • There was a statutory mandate from the Governor to dissect the shooter's life, from birth to the time of the shooting. The Commission wants to try and make sure they are able to prevent this type of situation from happening again.
  • The main purpose of this investigation by the Parkland Commission is to get the most accurate information out to the public. The report will be released in January. 
  • One important finding that has been revealed so far- there were radio communication barriers that effected the response time from law enforcement the day of the shooting. 
  • There will be "a good guy with a gun" on every school campus in Pinellas County at the start of this school year. 

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