Family of Clearwater Man Shot Over Parking Wants Charges

CLEARWATER (970 WFLA) -- Relatives of the man shot and killed during an argument over a handicapped parking space at a Clearwater convenience store last week are calling on prosecutors to bring charges against the suspected shooter. 

Their lawyer insists the shooting of Markeis McGlockton is not a stand your ground case,because McGlockton was shot in the side and was backing away after shoving Drejka, which they say he did to protect his girlfriend and children. 

According to attorney Michelle Raynor, Drejka caused problems over handicapped parking "over and over and over and over", quoting people in the neighborhood, "He was provoking the fight, and now... he's hiding behind... Stand Your Ground," Raynor said. 

McGlockton's father Michael, called his son a "gentle giant." "I raised him to be a man," the elder McGlockton said, "and it cost him his life." 

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