Full Of Holes

Interstate 75 crash

Tampa, Fla.-(7/19/2018)-My car rattles and my tires have more wear than they should thanks to Tampa Bay area roads. Have you hit one of the thousands of potholes around here?

I drive Interstates 4 and 75 a lot and both of those highways are chocked full of potholes. Northern state roads have a lot of potholes because of expansion and contraction due to extreme cold.  Those states do a great job of patching those holes, but not here.

I drove from Tampa out to Seffner the other day and counted at least 10 potholes on I-4.  I think I hit seven of them.  It's not something new as most of those potholes have been there for months. What The #*@**?

Government would rather come up with new ways to add toll roads to help the wealthy get around all the traffic jams.  How about just taking all the money they spend on feasibility studies and patching the holes?

Keeping the roads smooth can't be that difficult of a job. Keeping them crash free is another problem. We'll comment on that another time.

Photo courtesy Florida Department of Transportation

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