Katie And Morgan Try Goat Yoga

Sunday morning, Katie & Morgan, along with a few other members of the iHeartMedia Tampa crew participated in Goat Yoga at Grady Goat Yoga in Tampa!

This unique activity at Hat Trick Ranch helps raise funds for animals and children facing diversities!

Not only is this a total blast, but it's for a great cause! I promise you won't have a baaaad time!

If you're ever having a bad morning, Grady Goat Yoga is the place for you.

 It's seriously impossible to be sad here!

Classes are an hour long, but you get plenty of goat cuddles in this hour. You're free to come 30 minutes before class starts and stay 30 minutes after class for some extra goat lovin' too!

Currently. Grady Goat Yoga is helping collect school supplies for first through third grade at-risk students!

You can help!

Wanting to give goat yoga a try? Grab your tickets HERE!

Your ticket sales will help support the Grady Goat Foundation!

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