Tattoo Lady Does It Again

Baked goods

Tampa, Fla.-(7/11/2018)-I usually get home and jump on the treadmill for some physical exercise when I get home from the radio station.  The workout makes me lose my appetite for several hours, but Tattoo Lady had already cooked up a surprise and wanted me to eat.

T.L. bakes for Hillsborough Schools and gets bored while she's off for the summer.  She misses whipping up those baked goods for all the school kids, so she tends to bake a lot while she is not working.

I was not hungry when she brought out some fresh rolls shaped like little pigs.  Not only were the rolls unique, but they were filled with pulled pork barbecue. They were great, but I think she was disappointed that I didn't eat all six of them.

Along with the pork piggies came homemade slaw and dessert. Blueberry cheesecake bars came after the meal. Most people think I'm the typical Harley rider with a beer gut, but it ain't so. It's the baked goods.

Photo by Tattoo Lady

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