One Man Injured, A Car And A House Damaged By Celebratory Gunfire

Tampa, Fla. (970 WFLA)-One man was injured by celebratory gunfire last night while visiting Busch Gardens with his wife.  

According to Tampa Police, it was around 10 pm when 36 year old Scott Deel of Florahome, Florida,  felt the bullet hit his shoulder. His wife noticed him bleeding from above his shoulder blade.  Deel was treated for non life threatening injuries and released from Tampa General. Police say it is unlikely the gunfire came from within the park.

The man hit by a stray bullet while he was visitnig Busch Gardens was one of three reports police recieved concerning celebratory gunfire.  

While Scott Deel  sustained a minor injury to his shoulder, two other incidents involved property damage. A 61 year old woman, came home to her apartment in the 6000 block of Oaktree Court  and noticed  a hole in her ceiling and a bullet below it on the bedroom floor.   Elaine Hunter'a  apartment had been unoccupied for several hours and there was no reason to believe she was the target of a crime. The bullet appears to be a stray from celebratory gunfire which landed through her roof and downward into her apartment. There were no injuries and minor property damage.

Vonshay Cunningham noticed a hole in the windshield of her 2016 Kia Sol and a bullet on the driver's side floor board. The vehicle had been parked in her driveway in the 9000 block of  North 27th street unoccupied. A Tampa Police officer determined that the evidence on scene was consistent with a bullet being the result of July 4th celebratory gunfire. There were no injuries and minor damage to the vehicle.

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