32 Year-Old Autistic Man From Plant City Has Been Found

Update: Nathan has been found and is home safe with his family!!  He was found in the lobby of a hotel in Lakeland, FL, thanks to the power of social media!

Yvonne says this is all because of social media and well-caring people and that it was no thanks to the Police. 

Hear what Nathan's mother had to say about his disappearance:

Original Story:

In a desperate cry for help, the family of 32 year-old Adam Nathanael "Nathan" Heath has taken to Facebook in hopes that somebody will know where he is. Nathan is from Plant City and is autistic. 

He's been missing for 2 days and according to his family, his bank account has been emptied and his phone is off.

Nathan has been missing since 7/2/18 and was last seen in Valrico, FL!

This story is being shared all over, as far as the United Kingdom!

According to the Tampa Bay Times, One Facebook commenter reported having seen an F-150  truck (which is reportedly what Nathan drives) Wednesday morning that was "trying to drive slow and pick up a small dog that looked like a Yorkie."

Elijah Heath, brother of Nathan wrote that the family had learned Nathan contacted someone Tuesday from a Plant City phone booth. 

He was apparently spotted some time on Wednesday in Lakeland driving his F-150 with the tag 443-9VP, according to Elijah.

Please help bring Nathan back to his family!

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