Eureka Springs Is One Of Tampa's Best Hidden Gems

You may not know about this Conservation Park in Tampa, but after you see some pictures, it may be one of your next stops!

 Definitely one of the best hidden gems that lie within Tampa!

I have driven by this place probably 1000 times and had absolutely no idea! It really is tucked away with very minimal signs leading up to it!

Eureka Springs park is beautiful and filled with numerous tropical plants, a boardwalk and even a greenhouse that you can visit!

The flowers and plants that you will lay your eyes on at Eureka Springs aren't plants you would see just anywhere! Depending on when you visit this park, you may even see the beautiful plants blooming!

The park rangers work very hard to keep this place very well kept! It's never very busy and there are reception halls, in case you'd ever like to plan a small event at the front of the park!

The boardwalk is quite lengthy and overlooks some absolutely beautiful scenery! At times, I felt like I had stepped right into a small rain forest or jungle! (Minus the monkeys)

If you've never checked out Eureka Springs, I definitely recommend stopping in for a visit!

There's even picnic tables and some grills for a BBQ!

6400 Eureka Springs Rd, Tampa, FL 33610

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