New technology used to make Pinellas rape arrest--30 years later

Two years ago, the Pinellas Sheriff's Office upgraded software for its  fingerprint I-D technology.  

Its cold case unit then revisited a violent kidnapping sexual assault that occured in 1987.  Detectives ran latent fingerprints collected at that time and ran them through the high-tech system.  

It identified one suspect--Russell Rogers, a now 58-year-old  living in Mississippi.  He's been arrested and awaits extradition to Pinellas County, accused of kidnapping a 22-year-old woman from a Seminole laundromat and attacking her in a wooded area of Pinellas County .  

This arrest follows the arrest of a man last week who's charged with raping a woman in St. Pete 32 years ago, thanks to DNA technology that didn't exist at the time of the assault.

(Photo courtesy of the Pinellas Sheriff's Office)

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