Florida Man Saves Alligator From Python Attack

While taking a trip with his company in the Florida Everglades, Mike Kimmel managed to rescue a small alligator from the grasp of a nearly 10-foot-long python. 

Crazy, right? Not so much for Mike, as this was not his first rescue like this... but his third!

This was actually Kimmel's 3rd alligator in less than a year that he has saved from a python! This wasn't even his biggest alligator, or biggest python. YIKES!!!!

His company, Martin County Trapping is part of a pilot python project that aims to remove invasive pythons from the Florida's public lands.

It is said that there are tens of thousands of these snakes slithering  through the Everglades and scientists say that they are responsible for  eliminating 99 percent of the Everglades' native mammals.

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