Clearwater Marine Aquarium Invites You To Meet Frito

Clearwater,Fla.(970 WFLA)- The Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescued and is rehabilitating their  smallest rescue yet: Frito, the tiny seahorse.

According to Clearwater Marine Aquariums Facebook page,  Frito, a lined seahorse, was rescued Sun., June 10 off Redington Shores, by a local resident and her two daughters.

The family was snorkeling when they found the seahorse tangled in fishing line among trash, with the fishing line wrapped around its neck several times. She carefully untangled the tiny seahorse and placed him in a water bottle she filled with ocean water. 

The family has been coming to Clearwater Marine Aquarium for years and immediately knew who to call to assist. The CMA rescue team picked up the seahorse and brought him back where he is being rehabilitated for a hopeful release.

Story and Video Credit:Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Click here to watch Frito cam live!

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