Ybor City residents cry "fowl" over chickens

Some residents of Ybor City have been crying "fowl" over the noise, mess and annoyance of chickens and roosters that roam the streets day and night.  

Sal Ruggiero of the city's Neighborhood Empowerment department says there are a lot of them running around Ybor....89 counted in the Centennial Park area, alone.  City staff says removing them would cost the city $15,000.

But others say the roosters are part of the city's culture.  Council members discussed the possibility of relocating the chickens and roosters to local farms.  But first, the roosters and chickens would have be be exempted from the city's Bird Sanctuary Ordinance.  

Council will get a report from staff on the issue next month.

(Photo: Sharon Parker, NewsRadio 970 WFLA)

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