Hillsborough teachers finally get pay raise

Hillsborough teachers will get a pay raise, after all.

The teachers union and school district have reached a tentative deal that provides teachers a $4,000 raise beginning in October.  

Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association Executive Director Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins says it was a worth compromise, even though teachers won't get everything they've been fighting for the past year.

Teachers have been at odds with the district over a $4,000 raise they say was promised as part of a 2013 salary agreement.  But the district said it didnn't have the money.

Superintendant Jeff Eakins recently announced a restructuring plan that includes the elimination of 800 positions through attrition.  He says that frees-up more funding for raises and other district needs.

The agreement will have to be ratified by the school board.

(Photo: the Hillsborough County School District)

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