I Ate Where Elvis Ate

Brooksville, Fla.-(6/3/2018)-Went with my friends Jan and Dino up to the old Coney Island hot dog drive- inn In Brooksville.  The place has been there forever and it's famous because Elvis ate there.

I wasn't there when Elvis ate there, but I've heard the stories.  Elvis made a movie in Citrus County way back when, so I know he was in the area. It's gotta be true. The sign says so.

The inside of the restaurant looks like the boys from American Pickers dropped off a load of old rusty signs in the place.  There is a velvet Elvis on one wall.

There are also the dogs. Get em short or foot long. Slaw dogs, chili dogs and another 50 choices. I opted for the chili dog. Sorry about your truck Dino.

Check it out sometime. The Coney Island is a lot of fun.  Say hello to The Big E.

Photos by Tattoo Lady

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