6 Pound Steak Challenge In Tampa Is Not For The Weak

Last night, I decided to head to Fontier Steakhouse to have a nice dinner with my mom.

We no more than took our seats at our table, when we were surprised with ringing of cowbells and a loud announcement stating that a man at the table next to us would be partaking in their 6LB (96OZ) Steak Challenge.

Damon Zulliger, 23, of Tampa was attempting to eat not only a 96oz steak, but also a baked potato, roll and a salad in just 75 minutes. 

This was Damon at 7:30, the very start of his challenge! This is what you will expect to see in front of you if you attempt this insane challenge.

Frontier Steakhouse

Damon's eyes were wide as he was handed this insane steak and everyone in the entire place cheered him on!

I checked in with him about a half an hour into his challenge, and he said he was feeling good and still smiling.

I, for one, was sweating just watching him tackle this massive steak.

At this point, he had his steak cut up and had developed his own strategy.

I went back to my table and attempted to finish my cheeseburger. (Which I couldn't finish by the way)

I checked back with Damon before I left the restaurant, almost an hour into his 75 minutes and he was STILL smiling. He was actually smiling bigger an hour into his challenge than he was the first time I had spoke with him.

 I couldn't believe how much steak he had cleared off of his plate.

I went home for the night, because I was uncomfortably full from my unfinished cheeseburger and caught up with Damon this morning.

Although he wasn't able to finish the challenge, he still ate an INSANE amount of steak.

He actually told me that he was smiling harder at the end because 'that steak was to die for.'

Check him out at 8:45, after 75 minutes of tackling a 6LB steak!

You go, Damon!

If you're interested in trying this challenge, check out Frontier Steakhouse located at 

8602 E Sligh Avenue, Tampa, FL 33610

They do require reservations for the steak challenge, so make sure to call ahead at

 (813) 621-3050

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