Tampa Among Best Cities For A Staycation

When you think of vacationing or going on a Staycation, where do you typically think of going?

Honolulu, Hawaii or are you more of a Portland, Oregon person?

If either of those places came to mind, then you are living the good life, staying at some of the BEST places for a staycation!


But would you have thought of Tampa for a staycation?

According to Wallethub, Tampa is actually ranked #6 in 'Best For Staycations.'

With the zoos, aquariums, restaurants and fun night life, I can definitely understand why people would choose our city for their next staycation.

Being a Tampa resident, I totally get why we made the list.

Here is a look at some of the other best cities  for a staycation according to Wallethub!

1Orlando, FL 

2Honolulu, HI 

3Chicago, IL

 4Seattle, WA 

5Portland, OR

 6Tampa, FL 

7Las Vegas, NV

8San Francisco, CA

9San Diego, CA

10Charleston, SC 

That's right... Tampa even beat VEGAS!


Wondering where you shouldn't visit this summer?

San Bernadino, CA & Lubbock, TX are among some of the absolute worst places for a staycation, according to survey done by over 180 cities across America.

Stay away from San Bernadino, and come spend some time with us in the beautiful city of Tampa!

Check out the full article here : https://wallethub.com/edu/best-cities-for-staycations/4341/


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