Stomach Illness Strikes Hudson Elementary

Hudson,Fla.(970 WFLA)-An apparent norovirus is spreading at a Pasco County School.  Students and staff at Hudson Elementary School have been coming down with the stomach illness.  In a letter sent last week, district officials write that anyone who has symptoms should stay home until they are better.  Also, anyone showing symptoms for more than three days should see a doctor.

Garik Nicholson is the Epidemiology Program Manager for the state Health Department office in Pasco County. He says anyone who gets sick should stay home until 48 hours after they stop showing symptoms, such as diarrhead or vomiting.

Nicholson says norovirus is highly contagious and can be spread by coughing, eating food or water or touching a contaminated surface. It spreads easily in settings such as schools or nursing homes.

Nicholson says they haven't confirmed it's norovirus, and can't until test results come back. 


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