Weekend Eating In Tampa Bay

Some people on the weekends look forward to heading to the beach or maybe catching a movie with their significant other.

Me? I look forward to FOOD! I make it a point nearly every weekend to try new places and get out on the town and eat everything I can. If I try one new thing every weekend, I consider it a successful one.

This weekend, I went to a soft restaurant opening, checked out an AMAZING Ice Cream place and then went and checked out the Tampa Bay Seafood and Music Festival. 

Needless to say, I definitely didn't go hungry this weekend.

The first place I went this weekend was to check out a new Tex-Mex restaurant opening up in Lutz called Chuy's!

This place was AWESOME. They've truly got something for everyone. Not to mention, see all of those sauces on table? Nearly all of them are FREE to dip your complimentary chips in. One or two of them has a $1 upcharge, but besides that, you can request any one of these to try with your tortilla chips. (These are the minis, you can get them in full size bowls for free as well) They were all extremely tasty and I didn't end up sending any of them back.

Not sure what you want? Request a sauce flight and try them all!

The rest of my meal and the entourage was amazing!

Also, if you go for happy hour (Monday - Friday 4-7PM) you can participate in this free taco car that they offer. Here, you can not only get chips and salsa, but it's a mini buffet with meat and other toppings as well. What more could you ask for, cheap drinks AND free nachos? Count me in! Plus, it's in the trunk of a cool, retro car!

On Saturday, I needed something sweet after all the salty and spicy foods I consumed at Chuy's.

So I headed down to the USF area, because in my opinion, they've got all the best sweet spots around there. I mean, it's a college area, so naturally they need to put over-the-top sweet shops!

I found this cute little spot called IceSmile in a shopping center right by University Mall and decided to stop in. I did NOT leave disappointed and was so happy that I discovered this cute place.

The building is completely covered in sticky notes left by guests and they've got the fancy, hand rolled ice cream that is absolutely delicious. I went with the 'Dark Knight' with Strawberries, yogurt chips and Strawberry Pocky.

You can seriously get just about anything imaginable to top your ice cream rolls. From Fruit, to yogurt chips to coconut. You can even get pretzels, oreos and CHEESECAKE BITES!

Now if you're not really into sweets or Mexican food and you're more into crab legs and shrimp, my next stop on Sunday was right up your alley!

I decided to take a trip down to Curtis Hixon Park and visit the Tampa Bay Seafood and Music Festival to indulge in some amazing seafood, while jamming out to music in the park.

Not only were there a lot of food vendors at this event, but it suprised me how many non food vendors were set up! From fishing gear, to paintings, to hand crafted mailboxes, they really had a little bit of everything.

But let's be real, I was really just there for some kickin' crab legs!

Not only did I get crab legs, but I of course had to try some fried shrimp and hush puppies too.

It was the most amazing meal to end my food weekend. If you missed the Tampa Bay Seafood And Music Festival at Curtis Hixon, don't worry... they'll be in Venice in a few weeks. Check out the details HERE

Did you try anything amazing this weekend that I should try out? I'd love to hear about it!

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