On To Round Two

Amalie Arena

Tampa, Fla.-(4/23/2018)-HEY!!!!! The Bolts are movin' on. Like on to the second round of the National Hockey League Playoffs.

We were just in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Devils. Now it's on to the second round with either Boston or Toronto.  The good news is that we'll have home ice advantage.  Games one and two will be played at Amalie Arena. The Bolts will skate at home in games 5 and 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, if necessary.

There are just so many games ahead to get to the actual Stanley Cup Finals. After the semifinals, it's the Eastern Conference finals and then it's the actual Stanley Cup Finals. Yep, a lot of hockey ahead.

We made it to the end once and we can do it again.  Keep the faith and buckle in for a long playoff run. 970 WFLA will have all the playoff games live.

New Amalie Arena playoff photo courtesy of David "Fingers" Bell


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