Dementia Patient Gets Memory Back After Changing Diet

After changing her diet, this 82-year-old dementia patient has now regained her memory.

Sylvia's dementia was so far along, that she was being kept in a hospital for her own safety.

She didn't even recognize her 50-year-old son, Mark Hatzer, who said he was at his lowest point in his life when he realized his mother no longer knew who he was.

He truly thought he had lost another parent. But, after changing a diet that they devised together, they noticed a big change in Sylvia's health.

The diet was high in blueberries and walnuts and is now even being shared for the very first time by the Alzheimer's Society.

Mark says that he first noticed his mothers' memory slipping nearly 3 years ago when she started to struggle to remember birthdays or big events.

She is now held up by charity the Alzheimer's Society as an example of how the disease can be 0 if not be completely beaten.

For more information about the steps that were taken or more dietary information, click HERE

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