Phishing Scam Takes Over Browser, Shows Fake Login

CLEARWATER (970 WFLA) -- As if there weren't enough ways to steal your identity... scammers have come up with a new technique to get you to give up your password and login information. 

Brian Oglesby with the West Florida Better Business Bureau says it's called tabnabbing, and it takes advantage of busy people who might be multi-tasking on their internet browser.

"Tabnabbing" involves hackers hijack inactive tabs on your browser, and showing you a fake login page. It could be for an e-mail site, a social media site, a shopping site, or even your bank. If you log in, they can take your information and use it on the real sites... possibly taking your money as well.

Oglesby says it's very hard to spot, and he says the best solution is to slow down and look at the URL (web address) of the site that's asking you to log in.

If you do get fooled, Oglesby says you should change passwords immediately... especially those going to sites with your financial information. 

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