Florida Code Worker Lashes Out at Flags and Vets

JACKSONVILLE (970 WFLA) -- A city inspector in Jacksonville has been suspended, along with her supervisor, after a flap over flags at a motorcycle dealer. 

A manager at Jaguar Power Sports, identified as "Sean," made a cell phone video that went viral, after the inspector walked in to give the store a citation for the military flags decorating its storefront. 

"They cited us for every flag, 'cause they were mad, that we had flags flying on top of the building," Sean said. 

The manager says the inspector... later identified as Melinda Power... told a wounded combat veteran who was a customer that he had done nothing for his country. The veteran argued with Power over the sanction. 

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry has ordered a review of city flag ordinances, and directed staff to treat military service flags with the same respect as the Stars and Stripes. Power posted an apology before deleting it on social media.

Facebook Video from Jaguar Power Sports shared by a 970 WFLA listener 

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