Two Men Hang On To Beacon Light After Canoes Sink Off Anclote Key

Tarpon Springs,Fla.(970 WFLA)-The U.S, Coast Guard rescued two men  who had become stranded on a navigational beacon light near Anclote Key, after their canoes sank during rough weather Sunday.

Rescued were cousins,  27 year old Jackie Mabe Jr. from Hudson and 25 year old Dustin Smith, from Tampa.

Just before 2:00 pm, U.S. Coast Guard Watch standers from St. Petersburg received a call from Mabe stating he and his cousin were stranded on navigational beacon light 6 after their canoes sank. 

A Station Sand Key 29-foot response boat was launched, quickly arrived on the scene and transported the men and Mabe's canoe to Anclote Park boat ramp.  No one was injured.

Mabe told his rescuers,  the two men had spent the night camping on Anclote Key and were headed back,  when their canoes started taking on water.   

Mabe made it to the light and tied off his canoe before it sank. Smith followed Mabe but was unable to tie off his canoe to the light before it also sank.   Mabe said,  "it was not a good situation, don't underestimate mother nature."

Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard

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