Sarasota Road Rage Suspect an Illegal Immigrant

Medrano Bonilla Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Mugshot

SARASOTA (970 WFLA) -- A man who deputies say, sideswiped a motorcycle off the road in an apparent road rage incident in Sarasota, is in custody. 

Sheriff Tom Knight says Magdiel Medrano Bonilla, 30, is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, and didn't have a valid driver's license. 

Knight says that the motorcycle rider is lucky to be alive, saying that anyone who would run a bike off the road and into an eight inch curb would escalate violence in the future. "I would hope that he gets... removed from our country," Knight said. 

Knight said deputies found Medrano Bonilla in the process of destroying his car, to keep from being arrested. 

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