Do They Still Make Turn Signals?

Tampa, Fla.-(4/8/2018)-I admit I don't drive a new car. They don't even make my brand of car these days, but my car DOES have turn signals. The Harley has em, too.

I took this photo of a new car to show that it DOES have turn signals. I wasn't sure because I don't see a lot of people using turn signals. It's not only common courtesy, but it has a lot to do with safety.

C'MON MAN!! Please give me some notice that you're going to cut in front of me at 60 miles an hour on I-4. That was too close for comfort.

I also don't like the drivers who decide to turn into a McDonald's at the last second (without the turn signal).

I actually saw some guy go from the right hand lane to the left turn lane with no signal. If the signal doesn't work, try a hand signal (other than flipping me off).

Riding the roads of Tampa Bay is dangerous enough when everyone follows the rules. No signal makes it worse. Ride Safe.

Photo by Steve Hall

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