Time Running Out for Bayshore High Cancer Study

BRADENTON (970 WFLA) -- The state of Florida and the Manatee School District are collecting data for a health study of former students and teachers at Bayshore High School in Bradenton, diagnosed with cancer, and the deadline for information is coming up soon.

Tom Iovino with the state Health department in Manatee County says says they need to hear from any former Bayshore student or employee who has been diagnosed with cancer before March 30th. They want those patients to fill out a health survey, The state is studying what could be an unusual concentration of cancer patients among former Bayshore staff and students. 

About 25,000 mailers were sent to the last known addresses of former Bayshore students and faculty. Iovino says they've received about 200 responses. 

Iovino says they'll keep all data confidential in compliance with HIPAA (hip-uh) regulations. Results of the study are due back this fall.



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