CDC Sends Plea To Missing Scientist


The Centers for Disease Control is making a plea to a scientist who's been missing for more than a month.  Dr. Timothy Cunningham hasn't been seen since he left work early on February 12th after telling his coworkers he didn't feel well.  The acting director of the CDC yesterday put out a press release asking anyone who might know anything about where Cunningham might be to come forward.  But the plea also is aimed at Cunningham himself, telling him his colleagues hope he comes home soon.  Cunningham is a chronic disease specialist with the U.S. Public Health Service.  Two days after he left the CDC's Atlanta offices, his parents and Atlanta Police went through his home.  

Police say all his personal items, keys, cell phone, credit and debit cards, wallet, identification, and passport were there.  Police don't suspect foul play, but they aren't ruling it out either.

Photo: AOL


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