Hanging Out By The Stove

Libby the dog huddled by her play stoveOn The Swamp, Fla.-(1/30/2018)-We've hit another cold snap.  Even my dog has been huddled by her little play stove.  Tattoo Lady is even dressing the dog for the cold.

I never thought I'd be wishing for the good old days of heat and humidity, but my skin is drying out and cracking a little in this dry and cold weather.  Just how much skin lotion can you use?

When I tell my friends up north that it's gonna get down into the 30s and 40s they laugh.  Yes, I remember those cold and snowy times when I lived in the COLD ZONE.  That's one reason most of us live in Florida.

I lived in Florida for several years when I got out of the service.  I'd been in Georgia, Alabama, Vietnam and Texas before I decided to live here.  I was used to the warm weather.

I should have left well enough alone, but I got this job offer up north.  I froze to death that first cold snap. I vowed to get back to Florida ASAP.  It took me ten years to get back to the Sunshine State and I'm not leaving again.

I'm happy for people who thrive in the cold weather.  If not for those hearty souls, Florida would be overrun by more northerners.

I guess global warming isn't so bad.

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