The Earth Didn't Move... But the Water Did

TAMPA (970 WFLA) -- YOU didn't feel the ground shake when an earthquake struck Alaska Tuesday. 

But the faraway magnitude 7.9 had a measurable effect on Florida groundwater. 

The U-S Geological Survey (USGS) says water levels at a well near Madison, Florida, rose two inches right after the quake... and levels at another well in Fort Lauderdale dropped an inch and a half. Both wells returned to normal after about an hour.

USGS says such "hydrogeological" events are not uncommon after earthquakes. Big quakes can change the flow or quality of groundwater hundreds of miles away from their epicenters. 

USGS says more than 700 well monitors across the continental U.S. recorded movement during an even bigger Alaska quake, in 1964. 

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