Stanley Cup Falls Into Bay

NHL All Star Game 2018 in Tampa

Tampa, Fla.-(1/24/2018)-Can you imagine divers in Hillsborough Bay looking for pro hockey's famed Stanley Cup? It could happen.

The Stanley Cup is on display in Tampa as the city hosts the National Hockey League All Star Game. The BIG game is also sharing top billing with the annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest.  In fact, the Stanley Cup will arrive via the Gasparilla pirate ship.

It's a fact that many of Jose Gaspar's pirates will have had their fill of grog by the time they make their landing along Tampa's shores.  It would be too wild if one of the skallywags was drinking from the cup and it slipped out of his hands and off of the ship. It's a scary thought.

Hope the N.H.L. knew what it was getting into when it scheduled the big game when pirates are in control of Tampa. Can you imagine hockey sticks versus swords? 

Over 7,000 people are expected to visit just for the NHL All Star event and up to a half of a million folks will be here for the pirates.  Hope all those folks can get along.  Ohh...there will also be two thousand cops in town to try and keep the peace. GOOD LUCK!

Photo courtesy National Hockey League

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