Seminole Heights Murder Case Back in Court

Howell Donaldson III was not in court.  But there was discussion during this status conference about search warrants in the investigation of four random murders in Seminole Heights.  

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Wolfe wanted to know if those documents should remain sealed.  Both assistant state attorney Jay Pruner and Public Defender Julianne Holt said yes, to keeping those documents out of the public view for now.  

Judge Wolfe told prosecutors that if they want him to have access to those documents, they should be original copies rather than electronic to keep them from being leaked to the public.  

There's been no decision on whether the  state will seek the death penalty against Donaldson.   That decision is expected by January 25th.  

Meantime, there'll be a court hearing January 26th to hear from Donaldson's parents.  They're facing the possibility of contempt charges because prosecutors say they refuse to answer questions about their son. 

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