Three Alabama Men Arrested for Gun Heist and Polk City Murder

Three men from Mobile, Alabama have been arrested there and charged with the murder of a Polk City man last week and stealing at least 20 guns from the victim.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says 18-year-old Gerjuan Jackson is charged with fatally shooting Bill Reiss in Reiss's home on Berkley Road and critically wounding his friend, Kennth Maier.

Judd says Reiss was already aquainted with Jackson, who worked as a damage assessor for FEMA right after Hurricane Irma.  He had also previously purchased two guns from Reiss.

Judd says a few of the guns have been recovered, but the suspeects sold a number of them, along with a flat screen tv stolen from Reiss's home.

Also arrested are Darrell Rankin and Kenly Campbell.  All three were arrested in Mobile, Alabama. 

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