SUV Crashes Into Bee Boxes

North Port, Fla. (970 WFLA)- What’s the buzz? Great job by first responders Tuesday afternoon battling bees to help rescue some crash victims at MM 172 on I-75. 

The single vehicle left the roadway, became airborne over/through a barbwire fence and struck a tree. In the process of the crash, the vehicle drove through numerous bee boxes located on the property.  This caused huge issues with getting to the vehicle, as there were thousands of bees swarming the area.

 With lives on the line, Charlotte County and North Port Fire Department’s were able to clear the area of bees long enough to extract the two patients by using high-pressure foam spray.  FHP arrived and completed the crash investigation with help from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. 

Thanks to NPPD’s Jared Fegan for some brave camera work.

Credit:North Port Police

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