Survey: Millenial Men More Aware on Harassment

GAINESVILLE FL (970 WFLA) -- A new study by the University of Florida reports that men in the millenial generation... ages 18 to 35... are becoming more sensitive to so-called "subjective" forms of sexual harassment... such as dirty jokes and catcalls.

In fact, according to UF's College of Journalism and Communications, millenial men in their survey are more likely to report so-called "subjective" acts of harassment, such as catcalls and sexually explicit jokes, to HR than women are. 

Andy Hopson is executive director of The Agency, a research arm at UF that ran the study through a millenial-oriented website called MAVY. That site surveys millenials with quick quizzes, much like Buzzfeed.  Hopson says the results show perceptions that the millenial generation isn't aware of these issues aren't true. 

Robert Norberg, who runs strategy and research at The Agency, says the numbers mean that efforts to raise awareness about harassment among men and increase sensitivity are working, 

According to the survey of 188 millenials, 18-35 years old, 20% of men would be likely to flag a sexually suggestive joke with human relations, while only 15% of women in that age group would do so.  Males were also more likely to report behavior such as catcalls or staring.

Majorities of millenials in the survey say they would report more "objective" acts of harassment, such as taking pictures or touching someone without consent, or exposing one's self. 

Graphic credit University of Florida 

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