Florida Pols Grilling White House on Drilling

WASHINGTON (970 WFLA) -- President Trump wants to greatly expand offshore oil drilling., but Florida politicians in both parties are pushing back.  

The Trump administration is making moves to reverse longterm bans on oil and gas drilling off the east and west coasts, including both Florida coasts. 

Both of Florida's U.S. Senators, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Bill Nelson, oppose the move. Governor Rick Scott opposes expanding drilling off Florida, saying it threatens our other natural resources. He wants a meeting with federal Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

In the House, Tampa Democrat Kathy Castor calls offshore oil and gas drilling "a serious economic and environmental threat to Florida." She says the Trump Administration is "putting Florida's natural environment, economy, jobs and national security at risk.” 

Castor and others point out that the military makes use of the Eastern Gulf for various readiness exercises. 

Photo Credit Getty Images

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