Bacon And Bakin'

Steve Hall's stoveOn The Swamp, Fla,-(12/31/2017)-It was out with the old and in with the new as we move into 2018. Tattoo Lady told me there would be a stop to the food cooking unless she got a new stove. The stove at the cottage on the swamp had cooked the last meal.

She said we'd never get one in time to cook pork for the first meal of 2018. No to worry. We rolled down to the big box store, picked out what she wanted and paid to have it delivered. Believe it or not, they delivered on New Year's Eve.

You know what? She still grumbled after I spent all that cash to buy the stove of her dreams.  What's this knob for? How do I program the timer? This isn't like the last one.  NO *#&** Sherlock!  The last one we had was 20 years old. I guess there's a learning curve.

I must have made the right move.  After she learned how to operate her new tool she baked a cheesecake. We tested it out on baked taters. Yumm. I'm ready for the pork.

Hope you have plenty of good food and a great 2018.

Photo by Tattoo Lady (stove owner)

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