Warren Sapp Rejects Sexual Harassment Claims

MIAMI (970 WFLA) -- A former Tampa Bay Buccaneer who made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is disputing claims that he sexually harassed a co-worker at the NFL Network. 

Warren Sapp tells our Miami station, 940 WINZ, he denies claims by stylist Jami Cantor. "You're not going to put that one on me... I was raised better than that."

Cantor claims Sapp showed her pictures of naked women, gave her sex toys as gifts, used the bathroom while she was present and openly talked about the women he slept with.  

Sapp denied all of the allegations, adding he wants to know what he did that was considered to be harassment. Sapp explained he did not have Cantor's phone number and did not exchange text messages with her.  

Cantor says the incidents occurred while she worked as a wardrobe stylist for the NFL Network between 2006 and 2016.

Sapp was fired by NFL Network in 2015 over unrelated prostitution and assault charges. 

Earlier this week, the network suspended three analysts over accusations brought by Cantor. 

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