Final Word on El Faro Sinking

WASHINGTON (970 WFLA) -- It's the final word on the sinking of the El Faro cargo ship two years ago.

The National Transportation Safety Board report out Tuesday puts the lion's share of the blame on Captain Michael Davidson, who died along with 32 other crew members when the ship sank during Hurricane Joaquin two years ago. It was carrying a load from Jacksonville to San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

The NTSB says Davidson took "insufficient action" to avoid Joaquin, failed to pay attention to updated weather information, and waited too long to send the crew to lifeboats. 

The report also says Davidson failed to listen to the ship's other officers. The NTSB says there was no approved damage control plan and the lifeboats couldn't withstand hurricane conditions. Had he survived, Davidson likely would have faced license revocation. 

Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt says the report offers a safer course for future mariners... if they listen to its recommendations.

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